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Safety Devices


Locking wire rope prevents sudden platform falls

Overspeed Detection Device

detects abnormal speed.

When the descent speed of the platform becomes higher than the set speed, the governor automatically detects it, grab the wire rope instantaneously and hold the load reliably.

Manual Activation Function Indicator lamp (Optional) A visible alert when in downward direction operation. Electric interlock (Optional) During activation, the platform will not descend due to the electric interlock.

Slack Rope Device

engages if preset angles are exceeded.

Slack Rope Device engage the safety wire rope to stop operation when platform exceeds pre-set angles.

Upper / Ultimate Limit Switch

detects obstructions.

Upper limit switch detect obstruction and stop ascending.
In case the Upper Limit Detection Switch does not activate with some reason,
Ultimate Limit Detection Switch detect obstructions and stop lifting due to power shut off automatically.

Suspension Wire Rope Safety Wire Rope The three functions which meet EN 1808 standards are integrated. Upper Limit Switch Ultimate Limit Switch Fall Arrest Device The lever detects if the preset angle of the main suspension rope is exceeded and instantly grabs the second wire rope to stop the movement of the platform.


prevents problems due to overloading

Overload Detection Device

detects excessive loads on platform and stops ascending.

Indicator lamp

Can be confirmed visibly when the device activates.

Separated from Traction Hoist

Separated from the main body, easy to handle on site and easy to maintain.

Load Adjustable Spring Units

Can be adjusted to the required load.