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About US

Quality / R&D

Based on the corporate philosophy of enhancing the beauty of cityscapes by heightening the value of structures via high-quality exterior wall maintenance engineering, NIHON BISOH researches, develops and manufactures industry leading suspended platforms. And this all starts at our Nagasaki Factory.
The construction of buildings continues to increase on a daily basis, and these structures are becoming larger in scale with more floors and feature diversified designs. At NIHON BISOH, we will always strive to provide advanced technologies, excellent products and comprehensive support to answer today’s building construction needs.

R&D Base

NIHON BISOH’s Nagasaki Factory is engaged in new technological development and performs thorough durability testing to ensure safe and efficient work at high-building heights - fundamental corporate qualities that we have maintained since our establishment. A wide range of products are developed at the Nagasaki Factory including the BISOMAC traction hoists that are indispensable components of temporary suspended platforms.

Manufacturing Base

BISOMAC traction hoist series components are shipped all over the world after rigorous testing for adherence to strict quality-control standards. These products are highly acclaimed both in Japan and overseas for their quality and safe operation. NIHON BISOH also strives to further advance our technologies in terms of performance and reliability through close interaction between our marketing and development divisions.
The Nagasaki Factory incorporates the manufacturing section of the Building Maintenance Unit as its integral core and takes responsibility for every suspended platform produced, each of which is designed to perfectly match building heights and designs. Suspended platforms manufactured at the Nagasaki Factory can be seen accessing high-building heights at various construction sites on a daily basis.

Service Center

Nagasaki Factory’s mission is not only manufacturing and developing scaffolding equipment but also maintaining those products.
Temporary Suspended Platforms are used throughout Japan as a rental product. Its central part, the traction hoist, is gathered within a certain period, and is restored to its new condition after preforming an overhaul and inspection. The data and know-how obtained from this maintenance process are fed back to the development department successively, and are utilized in technological development to further the performance improvement, and to ensure reliability.

In-house Training Facilities For Exterior Wall Professionals

The Nagasaki Factory has a special facility for training exterior wall professionals where they can learn more about the maintenance techniques of BMU and hoist mechanisms on actual products. Achieving useful on-site know-how through hands-on experience helps to ensure that trainees have all the necessary ability required to work efficiently on building exterior walls in any situation.
NIHON BISOH’s indoor training facility features mock-up sections of exterior walls using actual materials and suspended platform elements. An outdoor exterior wall training facility is also available, where suspended platforms are setup so trainees can achieve hands-on experience on wall-surface deterioration and actually train on replacing tiles, caulking and painting.