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About US

Company Profile

Company Name NIHON BISOH CO., LTD.
Established November 17, 1966
Capital 175 Million Japanese Yen
Number of Employees 524
4-15-33 Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0023, Japan
Overseas Department
3788 Hinami, Togitsu, Nagasaki 851-2108, Japan
Phone: +81-95-882-1925 / Fax: +81-95-881-0177
Business Area
Global Operations
Development, manufacturing, and sales of BISOMAC Series Traction Hoist.
Domestic Operations
Temporary Suspended Platform Business
Development, manufacturing, rental, sales, installation and maintenance of Temporary Suspended Platforms.
Building Maintenance Unit Business
Development, manufacturing, sales, installation and maintenance of Building Maintenance Unit and Automatic Window Washers.
Exterior Restoration Business
Inspection and diagnosis, repair and restoration of exterior walls of skyscrapers, commercial buildings and residential buildings.


The New Value Creator
At NIHON BISOH, our mission is preserving buildings and maintaining a beautiful cityscape throughout our innovative technology which is access to building exterior walls safely and efficiently. We have extensive experience in solving the problems associated with the increasing height and age of buildings.
One-Stop Exterior Wall Maintenance Solution
From building maintenance units and window-washing systems for high-rises to temporary suspended platforms for exterior restoration, our expertise is second to none.
World-Class Technology & Know-How
We do a lot more than just manufacturing and supply scaffoldings. We ourselves use those products every day and the collecting data are utilized in technological development to further the performance improvement.
Developed with NIHON BISOH’s exclusive advanced technology, the BISOMAC series are known as the best traction hoist in the world. Easy to maintain and highly durable, this full powered, full-featured traction hoist is remarkably compact and lightweight.

Corporate Philosophy

Building Value Engineering (BVE) embodies NIHON BISOH’s corporate philosophy of enhancing the beauty of cityscapes by heightening the value of structures via high-quality exterior wall maintenance engineering. The technical expertise we offer helps to ensure optimally safe exterior wall access and enables us to perform the precise repair work required to consistently maintain the inherent appeal of well-designed buildings.
At NIHON BISOH, we will continue to follow this corporate philosophy to provide efficient and safe systems via industry-leading exterior wall accessibility know-how and maintenance technology.


1966 NIHON BISOH Co., Ltd. established.
Exterior Restoration Business commenced using manual suspended platforms.
1968 Temporary Suspended Platform Business commenced.
Electric Temporary Suspended Platform Launched.

BISOMAC108 traction hoist launched.
Building Maintenance Units Business commenced.


Temporary Suspended Platform with protective netting and stage system launched.


Monorail Temporary Suspended Platform system launched.


Nagasaki Factory operation commenced.


BISOMAC208 traction hoist launched.
Nagasaki Factory acquired the International Standard Certification ISO9001.


Zmac traction hoist launched.

1997 Temporary Suspended Platform for Skyscrapers HP-4 launched.

BISOMAC210 traction hoist launched.


12m Long span Temporary Suspended Platform launched.


Temporary Suspended Platform with anti-sway system launched.


BISOMAC308 traction hoist launched.

ISO9001 Acquisition

In November 1995, NIHON BISOH’s Nagasaki Factory became the first Japanese suspended platform manufacturer to acquire ISO9001 certification. From design to manufacture through to sales and maintenance, this certification signified that the Nagasaki Factory was fully capable of realizing high-quality maintenance systems